About Pension With You

About Pension With YouPension With You
debuted in 1992
as the first farm lodge in the Kamikawa area.

We want our guests to enjoy the scenery of Biei,
which showcases agricultural vistas,
to savor the vegetables harvested from our farm and to appreciate its other bounties.
It was with these thoughts that we opened this farm lodge. Ten years later we created the panoramic flower gardens of Shikisai-no-oka adjacent to the lodge.

The lodge is favorably located, with views from the front of peaks in the Tokachi

Mountains of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group.

From your guest room, look out over the hills to the magnificent Daisetsuzan Mountains.
Relax in your room while appreciating the beautiful landscape.
Enjoy the beauty of nature, which changes with the seasons.

The sun pillar phenomenon can be seen only a few times each winter.
The sun pillar
A sun pillar appears when “diamond dust”—ice crystals floating in the air—reflect sunlight just right.
It’s unique to places like Hokkaido that have frigid temperatures.
It tends to appear only a few times a year. When it does,
it can be seen from your guest room at Pension With You.